Song-Köl Lake: lovely and isolated spot in Naryn Region

Lake Song-Köl is located in the center of Kyrgyzstan. Far away from every city or village, Song-Köl is a lovely and peaceful spot in Naryn region. Song-Köl with its 20km breath and 30km length is Kyrgyzstan’s second lake, after Issyk-kul.

A sky full of stars, cold crystal clear water, beautifull landscapes, endless meadows, snow-topped mountains; this place is one of the healthiest and loveliest in Kyrgyzstan.

The lake is at 3016 above sea-level. Because of its attitude, there are only people from April to September. In winter, the lake is frozen. Be prepared, nights are cold, even in summer, and snow can fall at any time of the year. The average temperature in summer is 11°C, in winter temperature will not raise above 0°C.

It is possible to stay the night in touristic yurts, and have dinner and some facilities (toilet or little kitchen). But it’s far more interesting to ask hospitality to local people, and have a meal in their yurt. The area is inhabited in winter, in summer season nomads come with their sheep and horses and spend a several months around the lake. Horse-riding is possible, ask tourist organizations or local people around the lake. Tourist organizations also arrange horse games at the lake in summer season.

Song-Köl is very far away from cities, and safely accessible from June to September (in winter it is often impossible to reach the plateau). Around the lake there are some yurt-shops, but be prepared and take food and water when you plan a trip to the lake. Song-Köl is 60km away from the road between Bishkek and Naryn (city). The last 60 is a small way, it takes a lot of time to get there. Plan your trip early to not arrive by night, Song-Köl is a very dark place without any light.