Burana: The minaret of the lost city Balasagyn

Burana is situated about 80 km from Bishkek which is capital city, in Chui region (oblast). You can go there by marshrutka (minibus) or by taxi.

burana-tower-5In this area you will find a 25 m tall minaret but first altitude of the Burana Tower was 46 m. Probably upper cupola of the tower was destroyed during strong earthquake of XV or XVI centuries. You will also find remnants of a castle, and three mausoleums. You can climb up to the tower to get an overview of old city walls. These remnants are all from the ancient city of Balasagyn which was established in the IX century. It was developed city with communication lines like roads, water supply systems and social structures. Running water was coming from the foothills in 15-20 km, where reservoirs existed. At this time the pipes were already ceramic, but the most amazing they have been working till X century.

This place was one of the main cities on the Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan.

burana-tower-petroglyphs-1This location includes others touristic enticement such as the Petroglyphs and interesting collection of Bal-bals (gravestones from II century BC until XIV century AD). At about 200 meters from the Burana Tower there are stones that are situated with the Petroglyphs along with more than 40 Bal-bals ranging in different sizes. The sizes range from short small ones of about 50 cm to stones that are human sized. Some of those gravestones have faces same as enemy of the owners, because after death this person has to serve to buried people.Some of them have faces of the owners. If it is a man, he has moustache and knife or wine in hands. If it is a woman, she has necklace.burana-tower-petroglyphs-2

This place is really old and archaeologists found here relics from Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Chinese, and Indian people. In this city were bath houses, stables, and buildings for armies. Near the tower is a small museum with many fascinating artifacts from the rich history of this place. There are bronze swords, big ceramic bowls, vases, jewellery, and others.