Symbol of Manas the Noble


Kyrgyzstan is officially called the Kyrgyz Republic or Republic of Kyrgyzstan, being the very last one of the former Soviet Union Republics that seceded and declaring independence (August 31, 1991).The adoption of the flag of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan is dated on March 3, 1992 being approved by the Supreme Council.

The first flag of independent Kyrgyzstan was raised above the Government House two days after adoption.


The word „Kyrgyz“ stands for both „forty“ and „unconquerable“ (originated from the Turk word).

In the centre of the flag is situated golden sun, having 40 rays that represent the 40 Kyrgyz tribes (according to legend 40 warriors who were helping Manas Hero in unification of the nation). In the centre of the sun is a red ring which is crossed by two sets of three lines representing

„tunduk“ – traditional Father’s House (Kyrgyz yurt ceiling) in another sense the universe for the Kyrgyz people or north oriented (in Kyrgyz language), three lines represent best-known national string instrument as well.


Red field on the flag symbolises the valour and bravery of the nation, Manas was believed to use the red colour on his banner later adopted into the national flag. Signification of the golden sun represents peace and wealth.