Kyrgyz culture of hospitality in the middle of nowhere


Kyrgyzstan is known as a country of great hospitality. But what does hospitality actually mean? Basically hospitality describes the relationship between the host and their guests, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Hospitality in Kyrgyzstan especially the nomads one, starts often with a bowl of Kymyz, kyrgyz national drink made of horse milk. After kymyz you know the true promise of a lot of different fresh cooked food and drinks. It would be impolite to refuse it. The most amazing part of kyrgyz hospitality, is the feeling that hosts don´t expect from their guests to pay anything, or to give them something in return.

They make guests feel like at home

You can feel that they do it because they like to do it and it is definitely a part of the tradition. Finally you need to see both sides of the medal. Sometimes it is difficult for foreigners to get in touch with the real kyrgyz hospitality especially in touristic places, where you have to pay for everything. In this kind of places you will find less hospitality or fair- mindedness and for this reason you should learn to bargain, otherwise you will spend twice as much as normally money. Getting in touch with pure kyrgyz hospitality is a really great experience. Twenty people from the Sayakat project got to live this experience. During our trip through Kyrgyzstan our group got lost in the darkness, with no idea where to go. In the end we were found by nomads who gave us the possibility to spend the night in their yurts. Food, tea and sleeping places were provided even though it was late, the children were sleeping, and nomads were tired. We got warm and comfortable yurt to sleep and the next day they showed us how to get back on the right track of our journey. All of us were impressed with this kind of affability and we were happy to get close to real kyrgyz hospitality.