Have you ever dreamt of a place, where you can eat every kind of meat – and it will be the best meat you could have ever tasted? So now, just for a second, forget about stakes or cheeseburgers  from the USA and let us guide you through traditional Kyrgyz cuisine!

  • PLOV – this dish is a mix of enormous amount of rice, carrots, onions and boiled meat on top of it. This is the most popular dish you can get in Kyrgyzstan – people eat it here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • MANTY – big sized steamed dumplings filled with mutton and onions, perfect for dinner, they will fill you up for the rest of your day!
  • SHORPO – soup which is very rich in ingredients. You can find in it some potatoes, vegetables and mutton. All mixed together gives you unforgettable taste straight from central Asia.
  • LAGMAN – One of the most popular Kyrgyz dishes. It is made of noodles served in a spicy sauce with mix of many vegetables, as for example peppers.
  • CHUCHPARA – dumplings, smaller than manty, served in a soup, but similar to them – also filled with onions and mutton.
  • SAMSA – Triangle looking bread, stuffed with mutton and fat, but you can also find some samsas stuffed with – chicken, cheese or beef. You can get it at every bazaar you go to. Recommended as a snack!
  • SHASHLIK – mutton on metal stick, served at every restaurant and Bazaar.
  • KURUT  – These little white balls are widely known as a traditional Kyrgyz snack, beloved by the locals. You can see it at every market you visit in Kyrgyzstan, and the price of it is very low. This snack is made from horse milk, which makes the taste of it very salty and it may remind you a little bit of old yogurt. It is a must try when you visit middle Asia!

Kyrgyz cuisine tempts not only with all flavors and many kinds of meat, but also with prices!

Every dish mentioned above oscillates between 130 – 200 SOMs.

And as tastefully everything looks, as tasteful it is. But!! Have at back of your mind one thing – taste everything carefully, because this type of dishes may be heavy for those who are not used to eating meat – and only meat!

Try everything, be delighted with the taste and enjoy every moment !