Marshrutka: the best and the cheapest way to go around cities in Kyrgyzstan

Here we go. Let`s start our travel! But wait, where to begin? Let us help you. In Kyrgyzstan there are many ways to travel not only around the country but also the cities.  One of the most common and the best known means of transport are mini buses called Marshrutkas.

You can see Marshrutkas running here and there in different directions. You can`t actually find a real stop for the mini bus that is why it is really important for you to know which number of the bus you have to take to reach your final destination. Now you are half way there… Just one more stop before getting on the right Marshrutka. You need to find the route of it, stand on side of it, and if you see it coming your way just wave your hand in order to stop it.

The last aspect of travelling with this buses is being aware you will probably have no space to move. Just stay still, keep your valuable things tight(in order not to get robbed) and look outside the window for your stop. When you reach your final destination go to the front and tell the bus driver `Astanovicie`. This magical word will let you out of the Marshrutka and you will be able to get safely home!

You are probably curious about the prices ?

Till 9 p.m. you will have to pay 10 SOMs, after – it is going to cost you 12 SOMs.

Have fun and enjoy going around Kyrgyzstan squashed as a fish in a can. But we guarantee you that you will never forget those travels.

You can find an Android app with all Marshrutkas, this make your life a bit easier – but watch out! There is one catch! It is in Russian, so also keep your dictionary with you!