Safety in Kyrgyzstan - how to avoid pick pockets and keep safe during your journey to central Asia.

Safety is one of the most important topics when it comes to think about your journey to Kyrgyzstan. -Starting with visa. Before taking off, remember to check many times if it is needed for you to get one. There is actually no problem in receiving it at the airport. But! Be careful and make sure that the custom service gives you all needed documents in order to be legally in the country, otherwise the  fine you will have to pay on your way back home will be very big, even if it was not your fault that you did not get it.

Before living your home, don`t forget to make at least two copies of your passport. You should carry one copy (and not the passport!!!) with you, all the time when you are in Kyrgyzstan. You never know when a police officer will show up asking you to give proof of your identity. What to do with your passport? Just keep it deeply hidden in a safe place!

You want to go out and explore some cities on your own? Please think twice and then take your friends with you and just go together. It is not safe for foreigners to walk alone, you will tempt some pick pockets, which are the best of the bests in their profession! Never carry with you big amounts of money. Keep your belongings nearby and always have an eye on them! Girls – don’t even think about going alone in the evening, to bars or to some clubs! Take your male friends and have fun together – so you can be sure that you won`t be kidnapped by some handsome Kyrgyz guy!

When you want to take a taxi – make sure that it is an official one. The non-official might not always be safe, and it always costs 3 times more than the one from official companies. And believe me – there are other things which you can find around Kyrgyzstan to spend your money on.

South of Kyrgyzstan is much more conservative than the north part of this country. Try not to focus people`s attention on the way you dress. Wear longer sleeves and trousers, and respect their traditions and religion. For women – don`t try to enter any mosque – this is not only the matter of your safety but also of respect.

Now you know how to keep safe in this beautiful country, travel safely around and seek every moment of your journey !