Kyrgyzstan is not only a mountain country but also home to more than 2000 lakes. Among them, there is a very special one – Salt Lake. This fascinating lake is located only 500 meters away from the southwestern coast of Issyk-Kul, therefore it may go unnoticed by travelers. However, that´s a huge pity, because Salt Lake offers a lot.

The lake is not large, its total area is 300 hectares and the deepest place reaches around 11 meters. With the coastline of 1500 meters, don´t worry about not finding a place for your beach towel. You won´t get hungry, local yurts in nearby offer local specialties. Salt Lake is private property, therefore there is entrance fee which is 100 KGS. But it is definitely worth seeing!

Its name is very suitable, since we are talking about lake with high salinity of water, what more precisely means incredible 65 grams of dissolved salt in one liter. That makes water much denser than normal water and also than human body. The lake is not comfortable to swim in, but on the other hand, it might come amusing for everybody just to lay down and enjoy the comfort of not sinking. You see people floating in the water and having fun and all of it without swimming – which takes us a lot of effort to do usually! It is said, that it´s impossible to drown, but we don´t recommend you trying it anyway.

The Salt Lake is sometimes called as dead lake being compared to the similar lake in Israel. High saltines of water causes almost no life in it, except microorganisms. So, no sharks! But the list of advantages of the Salt Lake is not over. Activity of microorganisms has created black mud along the coast, which is used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. People routinely and willingly get mud from the Salt Lake. Be prepared for a lot of weird looking people with black mud all over the body, waiting on the beach to get dry. It is very addictive, after a while, you´ll be one of them, but never mind, it´s very healthy. Taking a bath in Salt Lake and getting mud for several times is an effective way of getting rid of dermatitis. It is believed that mud has other unique healing properties, that´s why people come here just to carry away the mud with them. If you want to enjoy some mud, hurry up and visit Salt Lake, Kyrgyzstan!