5 shopping stops in the capital of Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek offers interesting shopping options. It is possible to find a range of products around the capital, such as quirguiz’s patterns rugs, ceramic, jewelry and local handcrafted products like the typical felt fabric hat – Kalpak – initially worn by the nomads. If you want to go shopping in Bishkek, check it out the list that we prepared for you:

Tumar Art Salon

This beautiful store in the centre of Bishkek is a “must go” for those looking for refined handcraft. It is possible to find bracelets, rings, handcraft clothes, dolls and puppets. The prices can be higher sometimes, but the store is worth the visit.

Zum Department Store

A huge department store, which sells from electronics to souvenirs – on the last floor. The store accepts credit cards and have a good food court.


One of the best souvenir shops in Bishkek. You can find a lot of handcrafted art, traditional costumes and soviet medal in this shop located in Chui Street.

Asahi Ecological Art and Handicraft

Located in the centre of Bishkek, this shop offers you a lot of rugs option with very typical quirguiz patterns and embroidery.

Bishkek Park

Kyrgystan is not the ideal country for shopping european fashion, but if you are looking for western shops, Bishkek Park is the place. With a lot of international stores, for example Mango, it’s a good place to refresh you wardrobe.

Photograph by Bruno Lemelin