Education opportunities for nomad children

Out from the city, in the mountains, Kyrgyzstan belongs to nomads. From April to September, they live in yurts, with their horses, sheep, cows, etc. From October to March, it is too cold to live in the mountains, they go back to their houses in the village. In this winter period, their children go to school in the village, while in the mountains they live too far from any village to be able to go to school. As a consequence, in spring and summer, those children don’t go to school.

To solve this problem, the former president of Kyrgyzstan, Roza Otunbaeva created an organization which is called Otunbaeva initiative. The aim of this organization is to create kindergardens in yurts, in order to teach children living in yurts. All of the work of this organization is about volunteering. People are ready to spend time with to children in the mountains.

In every region with yurts, you can find those kindergardens. In the yurts there are toys and games, so children can play. It’s a nice place for those children.

Thanks to the organization, they can learn something, playing together, playing instruments, dancing, and simply being with other as they would have be in school.

Most of the children are young, from the age of 4 to 10. It is important for them not to miss 5 months of school per year. Thanks to Otunbaeva initiative, they can follow the nomad traditions, stay with their parents, and go to something like a school, so they can be on the same level of learning as children from the same age in cities.

Volounteering in Suusamyr