If you are all about privacy, confidentiality and typical Western reticence, do not come to Kyrgyzstan. Otherwise, be prepared for questions, many of which might make you feel a bit awkward.

When people first learn that you are from abroad, your nationality will interest them, in the first place. If you are Caucasian, quite often, it will be assumed that you are either Russian or American. This is most likely because these two countries appear on Kyrgyz TV most often.

If you are in your 20s, the next thing people will ask you is whether you are married and how many children you have. In case your marital status is different from ‘married’, await a pitiful look. If you are in a relationship, however, allege it. Although it is slightly different in Bishkek, in Kyrgyzstan it is common to get married at the age of 20-21.This explains their compassion for most still unmarried individuals. Foreigners are also often asked about their age. Especially, when they respond to the above-mentioned question negatively.

Apparently, the longer a conversation lasts, the more questions one should be ready for. Some people will inquire about your occupation and wage, in particular. Do not be insulted by the latter, though. It is completely acceptable to leave out the answer to it, in case you do not want to talk about your incomes. Nevertheless, telling others about what you do for living may develop into a nice conversation, especially if you want to while away some time.  

Just like elsewhere in the world, locals will await praiseful comments about their country. Therefore, unless you have initiated this discussion yourself, a general inquiry about your impressions of Kyrgyzstan will be on the question list for sure.

In general, be open and tolerant. Remember that nobody intends to insult you with his or her questions, so relax and laugh if you are asked about something you do not want to elaborate on. No one will force you to give detailed answers. Curiosity and straightforwardness will drive people to continue with their inquiries, so whenever you are tired from questions, start asking them yourself.