It is natural for each Kirgiz to ride a horse, what is more, I would claim, that they were born in the saddle. Scenic landscapes of dozen mountains rages, verdure meadows, crystal blue lakes and rapid icy creeks. Almost each point in Kirgistan might be achieved by the horse, instead of car or jeep. Moreover, it gives an unique opportunity to go back in the time following ancient silk route and share trails known from western cinema. As far as there are a few ways to explore the country of mountains on the horse…

Popular touristic places

Waterfalls of Ashlambob and Jeti Oguz Canyon are the places which provide horse service for tourists. The roam to the waterfalls is challenging, especially in the canyon – it gives an opportunity to explore nature from a different perspective. Locals use to offer their support during the trip, in each case it takes over 1,5 hour horse riding within a few minutes of trekking. The prices are established around 400-500 soms per trail, but they are obviously negotiable. Horses might be rent, and the hourly rate is oscillating at 600 soms.

Alternative horse ride – yurts and locals

Kirgiz hospitality is well known, there is always a place in the yurt for the travelers. The best way to find a horse is to ask folks and visit yurts in the highlands. It might be heard that the price for 3 days trail without guide cost from 2000 to 3000 soms. There is no main rule about self-renting, it depends on luck, trust and Russian or Kirgiz language abilities, as long as negotiation skills. Although, amateurs might be satisfied by riding a horse around the yurt for a while – even just for a smile.


It is official way to manage a horse trip. Most popular one is CBT Kirgizstan, which is based on the network of local agencies. There is wide range of service in particular regions, within variety horseback and trekking journeys. Each tour has own description which includes it’s difficultness level, requirements and the day plan. There are routs form 2 to 11 days long. Main attitude of the tour organized by agency is that the board, guide and accommodation are provided. CBT offers horse rental form 600 soms, and 1400-2000 soms for guide service (shared for participants) per day. Bishkek’s tourists agencies offers long-run tours for 11 days from 2000 US dollars, and short-run for 3-4 days form 300 US dollars.