Kaldarbek is experienced trapper, who feeds the family by hunting in winter season. During the summer time he is living in yurt with the family on the fertile mountain’s fields, where his wife looks for the summer kinder garden. He is turning from being a shepherd to a hunter from 10th August to 20th December – high season for marco polo and wolves. Kaldarbek’s hunting history starts when he was 10 years old kid – the first hunting with his grandfather. In the following years he was improving the craft, which provides now existence for of the family. As far as 20 years experience allowed him to hunt to the biggest trophy of Central Asia – marco polo. Naryn region in the Tien-Shan range gives the best conditions to do so.

In the late summer hunting season begins. There are few tourist companies which offers complex service in different parts of the country. The hunting takes 6-12 days in hard hi-mountains conditions, over 3000-4000 MASL and temperature which reaches -30 degrees. During the season Kalbarbek use to take part in 20 hunts and for the locals it means significant gain – average value of wolve’s fur starts form 15.000 SOMs. Moreover, the government pays refund for firing wolves, which jeopardize kine’s and sheep’s population.

Main popular trophies which might be obtained in Kirgistan are Marco Polo argali (the largest living wild sheep, is found in the highlands of eastern Central Asia, it may stand 1.3 m high at the shoulders and weigh more than 140kg, with horns about 130-140 cm), Asiatic ibex (mammal any of several sure-footed, sturdy wild goats, that are found in the mountains of Europe, Asia, and northeastern Africa), wolf, mountain partridge (keklik) and pheasant. Agencies offers services combined with trekking, horse-riding and jeep trips, mainly trails are prepared to travel form one shelter to another, including yurts. Marco polo sheep hunting trail cost a dozen of thousands US dollars.