There is no doubt that the horse plays a great role in Kirgiz tradition and daily life. Each activity in highlands has own connection with that animal, which suppose to be a tool, cultural symbol and men’s faithful friend. National sports reflects the statement about the horse, moreover National Horse Games Festival gives an opportunity to review the national horse games.

The festival takes place in July, and at least three villages in the country are organizing the event: Chyiyrchyk (Alay Region), Kyzyl-Oi (Suusamyr Valley) and Sary-Mogol (Alay Region). National horse games festival is organized by local CBT Kirgistan tourist agencies, which provides actual information on their website ( Folks are presenting the contest of Kyz-Kuumai, Tyiyn-Enmei, Ulak-Tartysh, Er-Enish games, which are absorbing presentation of the native tradition.

Kyz-Kuumai, the game reflect wedding lore. The wedding cannot be fulfilled, if the bride will not be chased by husband-to-be. Colorful national outfits of fiancées are floating in the gust of speed – the pair approach from a distance rapidly. The competition is ended when the bribe is kissed. It is not an easy for a groom to win a dreamed kiss in case of heaving worse horse. If he will not be successful the fiancée would follow him back to beat him with a horse-whip. Anyway, the wedding junket will start!

Tyiyn-Enmei is the final trial of the jockey’s skills. Galloping horse outguns distance very quickly and the aim of the jockey is to pick up form a ground as much coins as he can. This is incredible screening of acrobatic sleights and deftness, as well as bright sight. Each second is passing quickly, who will be the richest in shortest time?

Ulak-Tartysh. Unique completed uniforms of two teams, which in the clouds of dust are crossing flat meadows to convey a goat carcass into opposite team’s zone and achieve a goal. Pilot’s and tanker’s hats, embossed saddles, tighten spurs, whip in a hand and double doze of adrenaline in veins – the game starts! There is only one rule, to get the highest score, all stunts are allowed. Jockeys as a wolf pack are playing with an unique ball, made of 30kgs goat’s body. The original name of the game stands for in Kirgiz kok-boru – which means blue wolf. The game is popular among the region of Central Asia: in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and it is supposed to be a nomadic tribes’ game. Nowadays Ulak-Tartysh keeps the spirit of competition amongst young generation.

Er-Enish, pulling the strings of the contestants, testing their strength, cleverness and toughness. Wrestling fight on horses. Confusion and the attemption of might, a few intensive minutes of superhuman effort, for the man and the horse. In the dangerous dance of movements and poses, horse battering and coward-punches – the winner takes all pride and triumph. Nevertheless the final judge in the spurt of emotions might not be explicited and it might affect backstage fights of supporters. Er-Enish is an element, unbridled like wild horses…

Kirgiz national games express the pure essence of nomad people, unpredictable change, motion and wilderness. In the remote areas of highlands within atmosphere of daily life in yurts took place magic show of the folk heritage.