Above 3.000 meters in the wide mountain valley, it is located a village. It might be said that there is nothing particular, excluding spectacular landscapes of Pair-Alay mountains and Lenin Peak. Although, Sary-Mogol within population of 4.000 citizens is relevant instance how to make a use of environmental heritage for a local development.


There is no doubt that the main trigger for the progress was a nature. In 1975 the Sary-Mogol Botanical Reserve was establish to preserve flora and fauna of this region, within moraine grasslands in highlands. Blossom meadows over the village are providing feed yard for yaks, wild horses and sheep. As long as shepherds were settling down for spring and summer in the mountains, the travelers wanted to see remote places. Nowadays, shepherd’s settlement use to be a base camp for alpinist, who is wanted to achieve Lenin and Petrov Peaks.

Community based

Kirgyz hospitality is well-known feature and the main idea of community based tourism (CBT) is lean on. Always, there will be a place in the yurt for a voyager. CBT stands for local culture, cuisine, nature and indigenous. In the village of Sary-Mogol shelter is provided in the spirit of community based tourism. Let be introduced to an adventure in highlands by locals, within a variety opportunities such as trekking or The Horse Festival.


CBT concept was succeed in Sary-Mogol, furthermore it was a trigger to develop a new ideas, based on human capital. Local community had an opportunity to express their visions and ideas for development during the workshops with Kirgiz students and HELVETAS SWISS INTERCOOPERATION. Locals presented three variety of activities which might be implemented in the city. A farm as joint venture based on farming and production genuine leather goods, within attendant services. Internet club and IT service, public space for the citizens. Ski resort, with different types of ski ways and facilities.


Sary-Mogol is under development process – mayor of the village is proudly introducing into new plans. A new building of school will be finished in the following year (2016), as far as new sports center and regional’s museum will be founded. In the recent years the population of the city was increasing, it might be an opportunity to become a local center of public affairs and tourist base.