From all the valleys in Kyrgyzstan, Skazka canyon is definitely one standing out from the rest. Skazka Canyon, also called the ‘Fairytale Canyon’ is a valley with quite irregular rock formations. Use your imagination and you can find almost any figure in it. Some people claim to see the Chinese Wall, a penguin or even castles, hence the name nickname Fairytale Canyon.

Not only the shapes in this canyon are outstanding, also the colors of the rocks are really different than at any other location in Kyrgyzstan. When arriving in Skazka Canyon you will find yourself in a world full of red, pink, orange and yellow colors in all possible shades. The colors have spread over the rocks like beautiful colorful paintings. With the sun shining upon it you really feel as if you entered a completely different world.

Skazka Canyon is located at the southern part of Lake Issyk-Kul, around 4 km removed from the village called Tosor. The canyon is made into a touristic attraction and national park so you will have to pay a small entrance fee (around 50 SOM). You can drive into the canyon by car but you will need a solid 4WD because other vehicles can get stuck in the loose sand easily. Once at the end of the road you can walk freely between and over the rock formations and use all of your imagination to see whatever you like.

Skazka Canyon Skazka Canyon Skazka Canyon

Skazka Canyon