This year, the Summer Sayakat team of 2016, consists of seven students from different parts of the world to work together on developing tourism in Kyrgyzstan and discovering all the beauty Kyrgyzstan has to offer. The project lasts for six weeks and was prepared by five Kyrgyz students who are part of the AIESEC university network. They made huge efforts in planning everything, finding partners all over the country and attracting attention from Kyrgyz media. The goal: make sure people all over the world get to know this amazing country!

Sayakat Summer 2016For over three weeks, the team travelled all over Kyrgyzstan in a yellow Marshrutka discovering many beautiful regions of Kyrgyzstan from Issyk-Kul in the North all the way down to Allay region in the far South. All the regions have their own special characteristics and cultural habits which are very interesting to explore and ensure that no trip is ever boring. It is thought that Kyrgyzstan is a land of natural beauty. Kyrgyz nomads, say that: “When God made the world and was doling out beauty to different places, when He finished, he had some left and poured it out in Kyrgyzstan.” This is what the SAYAKAT project is all about. To show the world this amazing hidden beauty in Central Asia.