Thibault Chauvel

Thibault, 21 from France. He came to Kyrgyzstan to explore nature and to discover a totally new culture that you can not find in Europe. He’s attending his first of Master Degree at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux. This French student also loves hiking and jogging.







Bartlomiej Sroka

Bartlomiej, 23 years old student of urbanism. An art explorer who seeks inspiration in the East. It trigged him to discover Kyrgyzstan and share one with visitors of our blog. He is a freelancer in photography and graphic design.







Marci Toth

Marci, 23 from Hungary is searching for his passion and this lead him to Kyrgyzstan, to expand his horizon. He loves food, sports and progress. He would describe these years of his life as ‘being on the way.







Mariana Morais Sarmento

Mariana, 20-years-old from Portugal, is passionate about the constant challenge of the Unknown. Living and learning beyond her horizon is what drives her further and further; thus her encounter with Kyrgyzstan.







Stanislav Ivashchenko

Self-confident, at times harsh, but still open-minded and friendly, Stanislav is an experienced project manager, a travel blogger and a passionate trail runner from Ukraine who is fully into interesting and challenging work, languages and chocolate bars.