Explore Kyrgyzstan: a team of 11 young people from all over the world joined toghether for 6 weeks to discover the hidden beauty of Kyrgyzstan.

Stefano Ferraro

Stefano Ferraro

Born in Italy in 1991, Stefano is currently studying Graphic Design in University. As he really hates to waste opportunities, he’s always trying to learn something new and to live new experiences. He loves video making, snowboarding and good draft beer.

Ivo Metsch

He’s 22 years old, living in Bordeaux. Born in the Netherlands, he moved to France in 2006. Currently he’s attending first year of Master Degree at Kedge Business School. He speaks Dutch, French and English. He likes sports, travelling, music and discover foreign cultures.

Natália Heliová

Natalia is a curious, active, cheerful 23 years old girl from Slovakia. She speaks English, but you can try to talk with her also in German. Her field of studies is mathematics, which is according to her words an universal language, the same everywhere around the world. She can be seen on hiking trips in mountains, doing sport activities, drinking beer or discovering some new life possibilities. Motto: The goal is the journey.

Traian Tomenco

He’s 20 years old, curently living in Bucharest, but he lived in Republic of Moldova until the age of 15. Used to have good performances in geography in highschool years, but now he’s studying law at University of Bucharest’s lawschool. As hobbies he has geography, travelling, sports and sarcasm.

Natalia Wyrzykowska

Natalia is a 21 years old polish girl, studying Management at the University of Warsaw. She is really passionate about travelling and extreme sports. Her true love is windsurfing and getting to know new people which have good sense of humor. She always tries to face her fears and so far, there is nothing that scares here, except snowboarding.

Mirek Hejzdral

Mirek (Kyrgyz name: Mirbek) is a 24 years old, “crazy guy” from Czech Republic. He is a student of Political and regional geography at Charles University in Prague. He is interested in geography, history, sports and culture. He plays floorball at small club. He would like to travel around the world and get to know different cultures.


Mariana Marcondes

20 years old, upcoming journalist. Tattoo, beer and travel; these are words that can define the everyday life of this cat lover, who never gets tired of living in the chaos of São Paulo in the company of her black cat, Lotus. Curious by nature, she dreams about travelling around the world. She prefers chocolate milk to coffee.

Johnny Wang

Johnny Wang

Live of traveling, discovered the world, discovered myself, an 21 years old student from Taiwan, National Sun Yat-sen University study in biotechnology, my hobby is travelling reading and also make friends with others, make the world become a real global village.


Bruno Lemelin

Curious, talkative, lover of all things photography and music, Bruno is a recently graduated bachelor of international studies. He developed an interest in Asia after living in Japan. Takes photographs for the simple pleasure of seeing what things look like as photographs. Based in Québec, Canada. Also happens to be 23.

Jan Vane

Jan  Vane

23 years old Czech guy graduated Tourism Management going on Economics and Management, living the way „You Only Live Once … Well, Let’s Travel The World.“ Leisure activities as basketball, swimming, jogging or hanging out with the friends in the pub are the right ones for him.

Kirsten Eberspach

“Get out of your comfort zone” is her lifestyle. The one and the only unpunctual german is 24 years old, studying Master of politicscience in combination with economics and prefers to be in the nature, the home of outdoorsports. She loves to come around, meeting people who open her mind and especially the people who can offer her a good beer. Prost!